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FivekoGFX Review Prage

Fiveko Graphics Project - Free Image Processing Library and Tutorials

The FivekoGFX project is about tutorials related to image processing and graphics. The project is located at FIVEKO.COM. The idea behind FivekoGFX is to provide different kind of tutorials and examples related to computer science and computer graphics. The project is JavaScript and WebGL based, but it could evolve and include additional different technologies. The modern web browsers are advanced enough, so FivekoGFX can provide image processing inside your browser.

FivekoGFX Hough Transform
Some of the main features and articles from FivekoGFX are:

Graphic filters

  • Guassian Blur
  • Mean filter
  • Median filter
  • Symmetric Nearest Neighbor filter

Gradient filters

  • Sobel Edge Detection
  • Non-maximum suppression

Image Segmentation and Objects Detection

  • Watershed image segmentation
  • Hough Transform
  • Skin Detection and Segmentation

The is a free project, so visit it and read more about image processing.


The main purpose of the FivekoGFX library is to provide an online computer vision solution. Although this project is still under development, it already has a significant number of tools for CV. One of its main goals is to increase the number of supported algorithms and at the same time be an easy-to-use web-based graphics library. You can read more details about this on the Fiveko review page.